Oxford appoints Noam Yuchtman as political economy professor

The University of Oxford has appointed Noam Yuchtman as Drummond professor of political economy at All Souls college. 

He joins the institution from the London School of Economics, where he is a professor of managerial economics and strategy within the Department of Management.

Oxford has also named Abi Adams-Prassl as Nuffield professor of economics at Nuffield College. 

Yuchtman’s research centers on topics of political economy, economic history and labor economics, including the importance of educational content and the structure of educational institutions in the production of human capital.

Adams-Prassl’s specialism is applied microeconomics, and her work often focuses on the economics of consumer and family choice. She is currently an associate head of the economics department at Oxford, and co-founded the COVID-19 inequality project.

Announcing the appointments on Twitter, Oxford economics department said: “Some good news we are very pleased to announce today! Abi Adams-Prassl has accepted the Nuffield Professorship of Economics.”

The department added: “Noam Yuchtman has accepted the Drummond Professorship of Political Economy (All Souls). Many congratulations!”