Political economist Waltraud Schelkle joins European University Institute

Political economist Waltraud Schelke has taken up the post of joint chair in European public policy at the European University Institute in Florence.

She moves from the London School of Economics, where she has worked since 2001, and most recently was a professor of political economy.

Schelkle joined the European University Institute (EUI) this month and will teach courses on qualitative research methods, institutional analysis and comparative political economy.

Since 2019 she has co-led a research project on policy crises and crisis politics within the EU post 2008. The comparative research is funded by the European Research Council.

Her most recent book, The political economy of monetary solidarity. Understanding the Euro experiment was published in 2017 with Oxford University Press.

Commenting on the appointment when it was announced in February, Schelkle said: “The long decade of crises since 2008 has repeatedly surprised us, both as citizens and as scholars … [t]here is so much we do not understand still about the experimental polity of the EU and I cannot think of a better place to study it than at the EUI with its diverse body of excellent researchers.”