University of Zurich hires Andreas Mueller from UT Austin

The University of Zurich has hired labor economist Andreas Mueller from the University of Texas at Austin.

He joins the department of economics at Zurich in the summer of 2024 as a professor of macroeconomics and labor markets, and will also be an affiliated professor at the institution’s UBS Center for Economics in Society.

Mueller has been an associate professor at UT Austin since 2019, and before that held associate and assistant professorships at Columbia Business School

His research has focused on areas including factors that influence job market participation and the behavior of jobseekers. Mueller obtained his Ph.D. from Stockholm University.

Announcing the appointment on X, formerly known as Twitter, University of Zurich economics department Chair Florian Scheuer said: “I’m thrilled that @AndreasIMueller @UTAustinEcon will join our Department @econ_uzh next summer as Professor of Macroeconomics and Labor Markets.” He added: “He will also be an Affiliated Professor at our @ubscenter for Economics in Society. Great to have you on board soon, Andi!”