Macroeconomist Philippe Martin dies aged 57

French economist Philippe Martin has died at the age of 57 following a short illness.

He was a founder–and the first-ever director–of the economics department at Sciences Po, and his research focused on international trade, macroeconomics and economic geography.

Martin held a slew of senior academic appointments, including as vice president for Europe at the Centre for Economic Policy Research, and since February 2022 was dean of the School of Public Affairs at Sciences Po.

He was an economic adviser to Emmanuel Macron while the politician was minister for the economy, industry and digital technologies in France. Between 2018 and 2022 he was chairman of the Conseil d’Analyse économique, which is an independent advisory body that provides the prime minister of France with advice on economic issues.

Some of Martin’s key work focused on globalization and the policy response to economic shocks including financial crises and COVID-19.

In 2002 he was a co-recipient with Thomas Piketty of the prize for the best young French economist.

In a tribute, Sciences Po said: “It is with great sadness that we announce the death of Philippe Martin, Professor at Sciences Po within the Department of Economics, Dean of the School of Public Affairs.”

”A rigorous and acute thinker, Philippe Martin showed insight and courage in all circumstances, and with all who crossed his path. Nothing about him was ostentatious, contrived or affected; he was unwavering , honest and always got to the heart of the matter. Never a hypocrite, never afraid to take on a fight or irritate, he was nonetheless extremely attentive to others, with the discretion and sensitivity of those who take a genuine interest in others.”

The Centre for Economic Policy Research said: “We will all miss his wise advice and counsel. This is a huge loss to CEPR, to both academic economics and economic policymaking more widely, and a deep personal loss to all who knew him.”