Cambridge promotes four members of economics faculty

The University of Cambridge has promoted four academics within its economics faculty.

Sryia Iyer, Matt Elliott and Debopam Battacharya will take up grade 12 professorships from October 1, while Chris Rauh becomes a grade 11 professor on the same date.

Cambridge last year established two grades of professor as part of a restructure of academic positions at the university. The role formerly known as reader is now referred to as a grade 11 professor, while the institution describes the next most senior academic appointment as a grade 12 professorship.

Iyer’s research focuses on demography and the economics of religion. She gained her PhD from the University of Cambridge, and has published two books: Demography and Religion in India (Oxford University Press, 2002), and The Economics of Religion in India (Harvard University Press, 2018).

Elliott’s research is focused on networked markets, and recently had a paper accepted by the American Economic Review on supply network formation and fragility. He obtained his PhD from Stanford University

Barracharya is a fellow at Trinity College, and his research focuses on the processes of elite universities and the extent to which their admissions are based on merit.

Rauh is currently an associate professor and also a fellow at Trinity College. His work has focused on the development of a new model intended to predict outbreaks of violence and subsequent escalations into armed conflict.

Commenting on the promotions, Chair of the Economics Faculty and Professor of Economics Leonardo Felli said: “I would like to congratulate the successful candidates, it is their hard work which is reflected in their promotions to these grades.”