University of Miami hires Stefania Albanesi as professor of economics

The University of Miami has appointed Stefania Albanesi as a professor of economics at the Herbert Business School.

She moves to the institution from the University of Pittsburgh, where she is currently a professor of economics, and before that was a research economist at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. Previously, she has also held appointments at Columbia University and Duke University.

Albanesi’s research interests include macroeconomics, public economics and labor economics. Her current work focuses on understanding the determinants of household borrowing and default behavior and quantifying the impact of the changing participation of women on aggregate business cycle.

Commenting on her appointment, Economics Department Chair at the Herbert Business School David Andolfatto said: “We’re happy to welcome a scholar of Stefania Albanesi’s quality to the Economics Department. She’ll be a great addition to the department, and our students will benefit from the depth of her knowledge and experience across many areas in economics, and particularly her skill in merging theory and data to understand pressing issues in the labor market and household finance.

Albanesi will take up the new appointment in the fall.