German Research Foundation to fund research center for small datasets at Freiburg

The German Research Foundation has announced that it will fund a new collaborative research center for the analysis of small datasets at the University of Freiburg.

According to a press release, researchers at the center will combine contributions from computer science, mathematics and statistics as well as from system modeling to develop new methodologies for data analysis.

In a statement announcing the funding, GRF said: “Given the many developments in the field of artificial intelligence, Big Data has become a buzzword. But there are a large number of applications, especially in medicine, where analysis has to be carried out with a relatively small number of data. This is the starting point of the Collaborative Research Centre Small Data.”

The new research cluster is one of 11 new projects to receive funding from the foundation across a range of disciplines including biology, engineering and physics.

The German Research Foundation is a self-governing organization that allocates state and federal funding to research projects across Germany.

Precise details of the grant size were not immediately available.